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Today, the power of real-world experience is crystal clear. In the present scenario, students are visual learners. Field trips are a way of enhancing classroom learning by making real-world connections.  Presidency Kids has always believed on the positive effects of live-learning, hence PP1 children of PRESIDENCY KIDS went to Goshala on December 13, 2019 Friday. […]

A Fun-Filled Day Out!

Today, children have a plethora of different food choices and it is very easy for them to get attracted to unhealthy food. Thus, as parents and teachers, we must focus on instilling good eating habits right from an early age. Learning the importance of the right foods can help children identify them and include them […]

Dress up as a Fruit

Children must understand how a community forms and who our community helpers are. This raises awareness about the various hands that make life easy for us. This is why we held the Community Helpers Day in our school for our PP2 children. On 10th December 2019, our little ones dressed up as a community helper. […]

Dress up as a community Helper

Red colour day at Presidency Kids! Red colour signifies Love and Compassion. ‘Red’ colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality.’ To make our tiny tots of Playgroup & Nursery acquainted with the colour red, we celebrated ’Red Colour Day’ on 7th & 9th December 2019.  The day started off with the colour red everywhere – red rose, red […]

Red Colour Day – Celebrating the colour of Strength!

What do children love doing when they are free? They love playing games. Now, despite having plenty of games at home, have your children ever complained that they are bored? That’s natural and happens because most of us, especially children do not have a long attention span. Children are inherently curious and highly energetic. They […]

How much can we do in a minute?

Presidency Kids organized a fun-filled and informative field trip for the Nursery students at Aalambana Old age home on 27th November, Wednesday.  Children were mesmerized to see the serene beauty of nature while taking a walk through the lush green mango and guava trees. Teachers showed them different types of plants, trees and the beautiful […]

Nursery students at Aalambana Old age home