Contact: 9246 931 237 or Visit our Office for Registration forms.

We currently have four programs: Playgroup, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten (PPI/LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (PPII/UKG). Based on the curriculum we follow, we require the kids to fall in the given age group at the start of the school year in June.

PLAYGROUP : 2 years
NURSERY : 2 years 10 months – 3 years
LKG/PPI : 3 years 10 months –  4 years
UKG/PPII : 4 years 10 months – 5 years

We believe that parent interaction from birth until 3 years aids in social and emotional development that gets the toddlers ready for school. Most parents consider starting Nursery early at 2.5 years helps their kids “save” a year. However, starting school before the toddlers’ bodies and mind are ready is only going to hinder their learning at school.

Birth Certificate and previous academic records if applicable need to be submitted as supporting documents to process your Admission. Selected applicants will be called for an interaction with the School. Parents must get their child along for this interaction with the School. Based on the interaction, the School will then confirm the Admission.