Presidency Kids – The logo


Our logo portrays four kids who are Compassionate, Curious, Creative and Confident. The logo was designed to be in line with our philosophy that places a strong focus on preschoolers’ independence and believe that kids learn best when they explore and play.

The sense of independence in the logo is represented by the space each child has to play and explore what they want.

The boy in Blue represents the aspects of learning that tend towards nurturing and caring. It represents our desire to foster learning in children by helping them be confident about their strong sense of compassion towards the world around them.

The girl in Orange represents the highly valuable traits of natural curiosity, a desire to explore and learn about the physical and natural world that all children possess. We aim to build on this natural curiosity and help our children achieve their full potential.

The boy in Purple represents the creative and artistic aspects of learning. We seek to encourage children to engage their right brain as much as their left and develop an interest in both performing and fine arts and use this interest to open a new dimension of learning.

The girl in Red represents the adventurous, brave and physically active aspects of learning. The ability to challenge and compete, break boundaries and discover new frontiers, we believe, are very important for a well rounded education.

At the heart of our education is the desire to impart education in a friendly and happy environment while inculcating independence and curiosity in the children.The other issue our logo tries to address is Gender Stereotyping. Gender stereotyping is very common in our society. Our subconscious prejudices as adults influences children who are led to believe that certain behaviors and activities are specific to one gender or the other. For example even in this day and age, domestic chores and fine arts are emphasized for girls whereas outdoor activities and performing arts are recommended for boys. If we are to advance as a society we need to provide truly equally opportunities for both men and women, by changing the way we behave towards children at both home and school. At Presidency Kids we seek to instill the value of gender equality from a very young age.