Our curriculum involves research-based activities that develop the preschooler’s cognitive, social, communication, interpersonal and motor skills. The key focus at Presidency Kids is to support learning by encouraging the natural curiosity of the child. We provide kids with a platform to practice multiple skills in a stimulating, fun and stress free environment. The key themes of our teaching are:

  • Learning through play, investigation, interaction and application.
  • Integrated curriculum with higher focus on depth of learning.
  • Engaging in conversations that build social emotional skills.

Language Arts (English)

Our Language Curriculum is split into different areas – Phonics, Vocabulary and Writing. At school, children have an immersive experience where they use sound, sight and touch to master the English language.

Circle Time

During Circle Time Kids share their feelings and bond with teachers and learn to be a part of the group. Children practice taking turns listening and speaking and learn valuable skills in positive communication. Everything from social skills to empathy can be gained with practice in circle time.

Conversation Time

Intentional talking encourages development in many areas: spoken language, early literacy, cognitive development, social skills, and emotional maturity. Teachers use variety of topics to ask Thought-provoking questions and use new words that extend children’s thinking and vocabulary.

Story Time

Repeated interactive read-alouds allow teachers to help children build important literacy skills such as prediction and comprehension. Children are encouraged to ask questions during the read-alouds.

Art and Craft

One of the most loved activities, our art and craft sessions encourage creativity and innovation. Besides drawing and regular craft work we also provide opportunities for sensory play where kids are introduced to various materials and encouraged to use their imagination.


Our pre-writing curriculum in Nursery includes a range of activities to improve strength and stability in the fingers that builds fine motor skills.

For preschoolers, art and early writing skills are one and the same. We provide those art experiences that help children develop independence and gives them an opportunity to represent ideas on paper.

We encourage kids to draw a picture and then scribble some “words” underneath to describe what he/she has drawn or to tell a story. As the kids progress into later stages of writing, they start writing sentences underneath their pictures.

Media Class

Audio Visual Media is integrated into the curriculum and we use it to emphasise concepts through animated videos and songs. By engaging kids audio-visually we are able to deeply embed some of the ideas they pick through other activities.


Our primary focus in numeracy is to provide kids a firm grounding in the concept of counting, recognising patterns, sorting and categorising objects, measuring and calculating amounts, arranging objects in space and identifying shapes. We use a variety of techniques to establish the idea that numbers are symbols that represent quantity. This primes kids for basic arithmetic as they grow older.

Our Math labs are equipped with materials and resources that allow children to problem-solve and explore the world ‘mathematically’.

Free Play

This is one of the most important activities as it encourages physical play combined with social interaction. The school yard is set up as a play arena with a play gym, sandpit and various other objects for kids to play with. We monitor kids while allowing them the freedom to explore and engage with their peers.