Meet Our People

We have senior teachers with a teaching experience of 10-15 years, teachers who have worked abroad and teachers who have just started their careers. This diversity in backgrounds and cultures of our teachers brings in different perspectives that fuel our creative curriculum. We focus a lot on improving the way we talk and listen so the kids can talk, listen and learn.

Shravya Shravya Reddy Nalla:

Shravya is the co-founder of Presidency Kids Preschool and  Director of Creative Learning at Presidency High School. She envisions to create a paradigm shift in the way teachers, parents and students perceive learning and education. Shravya started her career with Schlumberger and has worked in Operations and Business Development roles in Africa, North America, and Asia. She has a Masters in Biology and Bachelors in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan.



We all love her stories, oh so full of wonder and magic! Bhavani has a way with words and is known to calm down an aggressive child. She enjoys conversations that kids initiate with her and the tales they tell. She indulges their whims and fancies and doesn’t hestitate to change her lesson-plan so her class can have a little more fun! She has been working with pre-schoolers for the last 14 years.


The kids love her energy and enjoy working with her throughout the school day. She is a great performer and is one among the kids when she is in class. She focuses on having fun in class, because she knows that if she has had fun, her class definitely would have had a ball! She volunteered at the Aga Khan REC during her stint in London and continues to volunteer there during her free time in India.

Veena RaniVeena Rani:

Veena Rani has been working with toddlers for the last 8 years and says “Nothing rejuvenates me like they do!” She keenly observes the behavioral patterns of toddlers and doesn’t hesitate to learn from the kids. She also does ‘Arts & Crafts’ with the Senior Pre Primary Class. In her free time, she likes to create stuff from any bits and pieces she finds!



“I wanted to become more organized and be disciplined, so I started as a preschool teacher when I was 21!” says Jaya. She has been working with pre-schoolers for 17 years and is quite the disciplinarian of the school. A quick look from Jaya is enough for her class to get their focus back into the activity. Jaya is now getting trained on the benefits of positive discipline and is already trying to adapt!



Swetha is in her 5th year as a pre-school teacher. She enjoys the new curriculum that enables her to spend more time with the kids. Her only focus earlier was to get students to write well. But this year, she has realigned her priorities and become the teacher who also enjoys her class to the fullest and appreciates the stories that the kids bring back from home.


Shamshad is very passionate about her work and stays up until midnight every other day working on charts that she displays in her class. She feeds to the natural curiosity of the kids and is always eager to observe their reactions. Shamshad plans her class meticulously and always has a few ideas up her sleeve that cater to different learners in her class. She has worked in Congo, Mumbai, and Warangal with pre-schoolers for the last 12 years and volunteers at the Aga Khan Education Center during her free time.


Kalpana’s journey as a pre-school teacher is very inspiring. She completed her +2 and jumped right in as a pre-school teacher and worked with toddlers for the first few years of her career. Patience, Tolerance and Acceptance should be at the core of every teacher, and that’s just what Kalpana started with. She still believes that she learnt more from the preschoolers that the college she went to later. “I did not know how to speak in English when I began ”, she says, “I have learnt to speak in English and can now fluently converse in English thanks to all the pre-schoolers and toddlers. Learning with kids is so much fun and easier than learning with adults!”



Swarna works with the Senior Pre Primary class and has been working with pre-schoolers for 17 years. She says she has learnt a lot more in the last 17 years than in her first 17 years of her life. “I love the hullabaloo in my class every day, my day doesn’t feel right without that!” says Swarna. Ironically (on the contrary), her class is also one of the best behaved!



Prasanna began her teaching career in 2014. “I never knew that a job could be so therapeutic; this job changed my personality and scrubbed out stress from my life” says Prasanna. She is our substitute teacher and works with toddlers, Junior & Senior Pre Primary classes.



Rajini has prior experience dealing with the Primary School and has joined the Pre Primary Section this year. She enjoys being a part of the uproar of her class. “I get amazed by their imaginative expressions in their questions and answers about the world. Kids absolutely have no inhibitions and that inspires me to look beyond the routine in my life!” says Rajini.




Jalaja has been handling toddlers since 2011. “My day is full of smiles and laughs. I am so amused with the way they walk, talk and move. Toddlers are like huge balls of energy. “It is very challenging for the toddlers to leave home when they start school. I get to be someone’s second mother everyday and comfort them!” says Jalaja.