Our Nursery children were in for a delightful experience on Feb 29th 2020 as we encouraged them to wear something funny to school. They rose to the occasion like never before and turned up in the cutest, funniest outfits. Some of them wore mismatched shoes while one student wore his shirt backwards! Children loved the […]

Be silly – it is the best part of being ...

Tiny tots at Presidency Kids dressed brightly with bigger than usual smiles adorning their faces! These were the scenes on February 22 and 24, 2020 when children from Playgroup and Nursery celebrated the cute and playful colour of them all – pink! As is our tradition when it comes to celebrating colours, all our children […]

Pink colour Day – Celebrating the colour of Sweetness!

Kids love activities! They simply cannot constrain their joy when it is activity time because it gives them immense pleasure to be involved. Our Fun with Science activity on February 15th 2020, for our PP2 students, proved this right. The PP2 teachers at Presidency Kids planned a few simple but exciting activities to give children […]

Fun with Science

The parent workshop saw a huge number of enthusiastic parents eager to know about the importance of Health and Nutrition for kids. The opening address by Mrs Mallika set the right chords with the young parents that they should aim at the overall personality development of the child and not just focus on academic growth. […]

Parent Workshop – Health and Nutrition

Kindness is the simplest, most endearing act, which brings us close to each other and to God. Sharing is one of the most vital life lessons. We must make our children understand its importance as early as possible so that they grow up to be kind and compassionate with everyone around them. Sharing is a […]

Share & Care – The way of living!

Food is essential for life and we can only consume good food when we are able to cook. What’s more, cooking is quite fun as well! It is a hobby for many and a profession for many more. When someone cooks with happiness, they say that the food turns out to be even tastier! At […]

Making a cake without using fire – The safest and ...

White – so pure, calming, and brilliant! It is the colour of innocence, success, and purity. It is the colour that we all associate with and love. This is why teaching our kids to identify and relate to the colour is of paramount importance. To make the learning fun and interesting, we at Presidency Kids, […]

White colour Day – Celebrating the colour of Goodness!

Technology might have replaced human in many fields but still, we are dependent on a few people who take care of our neighbourhood like, fire services, postal services, and banking services. To showcase the importance of our community helpers, we at Presidency kids conducted a field trip for PP2 students on 24th January 2020, to […]

Amazing Fire Fighters!

Children need to be familiarized with the taste of fruits and vegetables from a young age to establish healthy habits later in life. With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of fruits in a regular diet, the tiny tots of PP1 celebrated ‘Rainbow Fruit Day’ on 27th Jan 2020, […]

Rainbow Fruit Day – Celebrating colours of food!