Be silly – it is the best part of being a child!

Our Nursery children were in for a delightful experience on Feb 29th 2020 as we encouraged them to wear something funny to school. They rose to the occasion like never before and turned up in the cutest, funniest outfits. Some of them wore mismatched shoes while one student wore his shirt backwards!

Children loved the fact that they had complete freedom to wear whatever they wanted, no matter how bright or bizarre. No restrictions held them back and since they get this opportunity only once a year, they did not leave any stone unturned.

Maira wore a super weird and cool hairstyle that sent all children on a screaming, cackling spree. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed just watching each of their students turn up wackily. Many kids rocked the day but Devasena, Pravasthi, Abdul Ikram and Shourya went all out. They walked in with all rare costumes! The surprising part was that they maintained it nicely until the end of the photo session!

“It’s the only day you get to wear whatever you want without people caring or thinking you’re weird”, said Mallika teacher, and Ashwini teacher agreed. Even some of the teachers were bold enough to participate and dress up funnily.

Such events and occasions help children come out of their shell and portray who they truly are without boundaries. They don’t have to feel shy or worried because they can dress however they want. Plus, they have too much fun in the process!

It was a totally fun-filled, wacky, and joyous day for our Nursery and pre-school children. We are very happy to have hosted it!

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