Amazing Fire Fighters!

Technology might have replaced human in many fields but still, we are dependent on a few people who take care of our neighbourhood like, fire services, postal services, and banking services. To showcase the importance of our community helpers, we at Presidency kids conducted a field trip for PP2 students on 24th January 2020, to visit a Fire Station in the school neighbourhood. Fire Brigadier Mr Sanjay clearly explained the process of extinguishing the fire and also gave some preventive measures like

  1. Not to use smartphones while charging
    2. Not to touch the electric poles on the pavements during the rainy season
    3. Not to go near the Gas stove without any elder’s guidance etc.

They also exhibited the bullet vehicle and the fire resistance wears and told them about the use of foam and water in extinguishing the fire. The children have been learning about Fire Safety in the classroom. The firefighters gave them a tour of the fire station. They talked to the students about what they wear in a fire and how to stay safe. The students were excited to learn about the parts of the fire truck, tour the station house, learn the importance of a fire drill and exit signs and demonstrate how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”

Samrat was very excited and wanted to drive the fire engine and save people. When firefighters were explaining about lifebuoy (tube). Ronak said he would dial 100 to call firefighters in an emergency.

The PP2 students of Presidency kids got to experience to the fire station through this field trip. The trip was really informative to the students and they enjoyed their day out.

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