A Fun-Filled Day Out!

Today, the power of real-world experience is crystal clear. In the present scenario, students are visual learners. Field trips are a way of enhancing classroom learning by making real-world connections. 

Presidency Kids has always believed on the positive effects of live-learning, hence PP1 children of PRESIDENCY KIDS went to Goshala on December 13, 2019 Friday. This helped teachers to teach kids about science, nature, animals and more. Kids had a lot of fun with their friends too. Havish, Huriya, Shiva Ronith, Fathima Bhanu, Vrindha were very eager, curious and enthusiastic about everything. Jaya teacher said that kids enjoyed singing songs all the way in the bus.


Field trips also offer students and teachers the opportunity to interact outside of the classroom, thus enhancing their bonding with each other and improving their social and life skills. Kids played different games and enjoyed their snacks along with their friends.

Tamanvi’s parents said, “My kid enjoyed the field trip. I’m really happy about my child”

Children played Head and Shoulders game which reinforced their experiential and contextual learning. We hope the kids achieve a higher level of critical thinking as they evaluate their own learning compared with what they get exposed to and are able to modify their knowledge based on their personal experiences.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2MCUgLE