Nursery Fruit Day

Fruits are the best! Hence we organized Fruits Day for our Nursery tiny tots on 21st Dec 2019. The bright colours and juicy flavours of fruits always fascinate little ones. Thus, it became easy for us to tell them about the benefits of eating fruits. As we know fruits are packed with multiple nutrients that foster physical growth and sound mental health. The teachers encouraged children to bring fruits of their choice to celebrate this day. We explained the common fruits and how they help our development. Through the session, the teachers stressed that children must make fruits a part of their daily diet.

The main aim of hosting Fruit Day was to steer children away from unhealthy options that can easily make them fall ill. It has been proven that activity-based learning is more effective than standard teaching particularly when we want to talk to our children about health and wellness. Since they were involved in the whole celebration and participated in multiple activities, they were enthusiastic to carry fruits in the lunch boxes moving forward.

We are thrilled that the day was such a success and that children were indeed impacted. It was a fantastic event about fabulous fruits! We hope the children start to add more fruits to their diet.

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