Children’s day at Presidency Kids

Children’s day, one of the best day of the year for kids was celebrated on  November 14th at Presidency Kids. We started the day with teachers performing various cultural activities.

It was their special day and it was all about making them happy, so we decorated the school with balloons and streamers so that they begin their day with a big smile across their face.

In the circle time, teachers told about Chacha Nehru and we conducted outdoor activities for the kids. This time there were no rules, the kids were allowed to play as much as they can.

Various games like mat race, hurdle race, balls race, balance the balls, marbles collection etc. were conducted for the children in coordination with the teachers. Tamanvi, Aaradhya, Vishwam and Prathik of PP1 gave their best performance in the form of dance and singing.

Kalpana Teacher expressed, “All students of PP2 enjoyed the teachers’ dance performance very much”. It was soon hometime, every child was given a classroom activity takeaway to cherish the moment.

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