Pajama Party

We know that it is very important for preschoolers to get used to sleeping early at a young age before it is too late. It is vital that children are taught about sleep routines and that’s our main objective of Pajama Party.

Our tiny tots turned up to school holding a cuddly toy in one hand and dressed in their favourite pyjamas for the “Pajama Party” held on 16th Nov 2019. After their usual morning lessons, the PP1 children gathered in the Media room ready to start their bedtime routine. They danced along to different songs and watched their friends while having a lite snack. 

Show and tell activity, balloon game and fire in the mountain were the other attractions of the event. All the tiny tots came in their pyjamas and participated in all the activities with full enthusiasm. Importance of brushing twice a day and reading storybooks before going to bed was taught to the kids.

Vihas, Vishwam, Vyan Krishna, Lavya, Abu Bakar, Aaradhya, Zuha and Aryan were among the kids who wanted to stay back at school even after the event!

“Because there are TV and the internet, all of this keeps children up during nights. We want to encourage them to read to help their imagination grow. A child-mother relationship is very important too – this is something they can share through reading.” said Jagruti, Academic coordinator.

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