Yellow Colour Day – Celebrating the colour of Happiness!

Yellow, the colour of sunshine stands for freshness, positivity, joy, intellect, hope and happiness!

On 16th and 18th November, Nursery and Playgroup students of Presidency Kids celebrated Yellow Colour Day. The motive of celebrating this day was to make the kids aware of the colour yellow, its significance and to develop the fine motor skills in the students.

The day began with a fun-filled introduction of the colour yellow. Students were all dressed up in different hues and tints of yellow. Children were not only beautifully dressed in their favourite yellow dresses but also brought yellow objects like racing cars, teddy bears, dolls, balls, balloons, bags, flowers and masks to tell about them to their friends. Specially Tanvi, Ishitha, Sai Shresta, Jacqueline, Pravasthi, Srihitha and Koushik were very much excited. 

Focusing on the theme, students were asked to paste cotton balls on the outline of chick for the craft activity. They took the takeaways home with much care and acquaintance. Teachers explained to them about a variety of food items such as bananas, mangoes, papaya and sweets like Jalebi, Laddu, Bundi etc. and made the learning environment more joyful. 

Teachers wished that the bright and beautiful yellow colour shines on their students. ‘Yellow Day’ celebration ended with a lot of fun and pomp.

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