Kids love activities! They simply cannot constrain their joy when it is activity time because it gives them immense pleasure to be involved. Our Fun with Science activity on February 15th 2020, for our PP2 students, proved this right. The PP2 teachers at Presidency Kids planned a few simple but exciting activities to give children […]

Fun with Science

Kindness is the simplest, most endearing act, which brings us close to each other and to God. Sharing is one of the most vital life lessons. We must make our children understand its importance as early as possible so that they grow up to be kind and compassionate with everyone around them. Sharing is a […]

Share & Care – The way of living!

Identifying and understanding different shapes that surround us is an important mathematical milestone. This is where it all begins and the journey is simply magical! There is also a certain thrill in being able to point at an object and to identify it correctly. We at Presidency took this into consideration and planned “Shapes with […]

Learning shapes with food!

Red colour day at Presidency Kids! Red colour signifies Love and Compassion. ‘Red’ colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality.’ To make our tiny tots of Playgroup & Nursery acquainted with the colour red, we celebrated ’Red Colour Day’ on 7th & 9th December 2019.  The day started off with the colour red everywhere – red rose, red […]

Red Colour Day – Celebrating the colour of Strength!

What do children love doing when they are free? They love playing games. Now, despite having plenty of games at home, have your children ever complained that they are bored? That’s natural and happens because most of us, especially children do not have a long attention span. Children are inherently curious and highly energetic. They […]

How much can we do in a minute?

Yellow, the colour of sunshine stands for freshness, positivity, joy, intellect, hope and happiness! On 16th and 18th November, Nursery and Playgroup students of Presidency Kids celebrated Yellow Colour Day. The motive of celebrating this day was to make the kids aware of the colour yellow, its significance and to develop the fine motor skills […]

Yellow Colour Day – Celebrating the colour of Happiness!

Blue is the colour of the sparkling sea. Blue – the colour of loyalty, strength, and wisdom. Nursery and Playgroup Students of Presidency Kids, celebrated BLUE DAY on 2nd and 4th November 2019 Saturday and Monday respectively. It was a pleasant and cool Blue day for the tiny tots. All the students including teachers came dressed in blue. The […]

Presidency Kids paint their moods in shades of blue

What young kids could resist the pull of an outdoor adventure and the promise of hidden treasure? “Treasure hunt” !!! Treasure hunts offer a huge amount of everlasting fun and will improve their physical and intellectual development in preschoolers.  We conducted “Treasure Hunt” for PP2 kids from 22nd Oct – 25th Oct 2019. The little […]

Treasure Hunt – an adventurous ride!

Colour affects the mood in adults and more so in children. Colour psychology and its impact on a child’s learning abilities and behaviour is a much-researched subject. In Playgroup and Nursery classes, students are taught about the uses of colour in the world and their teachers help them to develop an understanding of using colour […]

Green Colour Day – Celebrating the colour of life!