Red Colour Day – Celebrating the colour of Strength!

Red colour day at Presidency Kids!

Red colour signifies Love and Compassion. ‘Red’ colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality.’ To make our tiny tots of Playgroup & Nursery acquainted with the colour red, we celebrated ’Red Colour Day’ on 7th & 9th December 2019. 

The day started off with the colour red everywhere – red rose, red teddy, red car, red apples, red cherries and so-on… it was a spectacular red day for our little ones. The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful. 

Our teachers and students dressed in red clothes. The tiny tots looked stunning in their red outfits. Teachers discussed the colour red in circle time all other subjects as well.  

Smiles of the kids in the photographs makes it evident that they loved it! Kids from Nursery enjoyed making greeting cards. Classes were decorated with red balloons. Students actively participated in “Show and Tell” activity. Each of them got an opportunity to speak about their favourite red object. Everyone enjoyed making and holding their own greeting cards. 

Overall, it was a fun and everlasting learning experience for the students. We hope our kids are more aware of the colour red and identify it.

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