Green Colour Day – Celebrating the colour of life!

Colour affects the mood in adults and more so in children. Colour psychology and its impact on a child’s learning abilities and behaviour is a much-researched subject. In Playgroup and Nursery classes, students are taught about the uses of colour in the world and their teachers help them to develop an understanding of using colour in many forms.

Immediately, after Gardening week, on 21st Sept 2019 in our School, we celebrated Green Colour Day. Gardening week inspires our kids, particularly the next generation of gardeners, to experience the joy of growing and visiting beautiful green spaces.

The Nursery students and teachers came to school in pretty green attires and resembled Eco-friendly. The classrooms and notice boards were beautifully decorated in green theme with flashcards, balloons & green objects. The students were taught the identification and recognition of green fruits, vegetables, leaves, trees etc. Children brought green snacks and vegetables in their lunch box.

Playgroup toddlers enjoyed tear and paste activity on grapes outline and Nursery kids enthusiastically participated in planting saplings in our school garden. Like this, all of them learnt the significance of green colour in Nature.

The green colour day was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm both in Nursery and Playgroup. The day was full of fun-filled activities and students enjoyed.

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