Phonics Day – Enhancing the ability to learn words and sounds!

Phonics builds a foundation used to help children learn to read by breaking down words into sounds and building letter and word recognition.

To enhance a child’s ability to use unknown words in the future, we at Presidency Kids organized “Phonics Day” for PP2 on Friday 20th September 2019. We use a variety of approaches in the teaching of phonics to make lessons as interactive as possible and ensure that every child learns.

Through Phonics Day activity, PP2 kids learned the basics of pronunciation, reading, speaking, and presentation. The teachers encouraged children to bring various objects to further enhance learning. What’s more, they used different objects to explain the letter they were assigned. Yashmith of  Trumpet section spoke about the letter ‘S’ and explained it using around 67 objects which were neatly labelled and packed. Shrishti Modani presented the letter ‘R’ and she spoke about it using the ring, rod, rug and ribbon etc. Aaradhya of Kalpana teacher class got around 52 objects to present her letter ‘B’.

This activity helped PP2 children to improve their reading skills and efficiency in pronunciation.

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