Presidency Kids paint their moods in shades of blue

Blue is the colour of the sparkling sea. Blue – the colour of loyalty, strength, and wisdom.

Nursery and Playgroup Students of Presidency Kids, celebrated BLUE DAY on 2nd and 4th November 2019 Saturday and Monday respectively. It was a pleasant and cool Blue day for the tiny tots. All the students including teachers came dressed in blue. The classrooms were decorated with blue balloons and children were introduced to different shades of blue like the blue whale, blue sky, blue car and blue balloons. Students were made to recognize blue colour through different games and play-way activities. 

All the toddlers were happy and enjoyed to the fullest by the activities which were arranged for them by the class teachers. An array of blue coloured objects like scooter, car, toys, elephant, dolphin, bottle, bag and basket etc were at display thus providing the students’ opportunity to have a clear sense of the colour and its importance. It was indeed a visual treat to see the good effects of blue colour on our little ones. 

By the end of the blue day celebration Pravasthi, Shourya and Evan explained well about the toys they brought from home.  The kiddos carried away their fascinating craftwork to home. We hope this event would help kids acquainted with the colour blue!

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