Parents Fun Evening 2017

“You don’t stop having fun when you get old, you get old when you stop having fun” -as someone said. To give parents of our kiddie-winks a chance to have fun and put a pause on their busy lives, we conducted a Parent Fun Evening where the parents and kids play games together.

On 7th Oct 2017, we have conducted the Parents Fun Evening in our campus. Parents played few games organized by our teachers. “The Sensory Game was very fun, I had to touch and feel the objects hidden under a blanket and identify them within a minute along with my kid. I enjoyed it a lot”, a parent said.

“We were not just having fun, we were making memories that last a lifetime”, one of the parent rejoiced. “It was thrilling to play the sensory game with my mom”, a PP-I kid delighted. We hope parents take up some time out of their busy schedule to enjoy with their kids, understand their emotions to to build and nurture their bond with their kids.