Presidency Kids – Parent Mobile App goes live!

We are launching our Presidency Kids – Parent Mobile App for My Class Board (MCB) which brings all the information of your child at your fingertips with just one tap, making us more transparent and accountable.

The mobile app will give parents access to all the information about their child’s academics like Attendance, Monthly Events, Assignments, Photo Gallery, Time Table, Daily diary, Report card, Important Announcements, Transport, Lunch menu, Health and Fitness, Fee details and much more…all integrated into a single mobile app.

Presidency Kids – Parent Mobile App will be available for download on Android and Apple platforms and it is going to be live from the evening of 14th Nov.

Features Active in this Release

  • TransportParents will be able to track the location of School Bus using their Android phone.
  • AttendanceReview your child’s daily attendance
  • Announcements & MessagesAll notices can be accessed in Announcements and Messages
  • Events Calendar, Photo Gallery Activities, Field Trips, Events & Assessment dates are updated in the Events Calendar. Photo Gallery has a few pictures along with the link to download
  • Fee Details Check Fee due and pay the balance using your mobile phone.
  • Lunch Menu and Time-table

Please note that the following sections will be inactive in this release: Daily Dairy, Assignments, Report Cards, Monthly events, Library and Objective Exam.

How to use the App?

Step 1:

Download the MyClassBoard Parent Portal app from Android Play Store or Apple AppStore

Search for:  MyClassBoard Parent Portal

Step 2:

Login to your account using credentials provided by the school (Sent by SMS). Do not forget to click on the ‘Remember me’ button, you do not have to remember the user password again.

Step 3:

You can access all the information with just one tap from the menu.