Food is essential for life and we can only consume good food when we are able to cook. What’s more, cooking is quite fun as well! It is a hobby for many and a profession for many more. When someone cooks with happiness, they say that the food turns out to be even tastier! At […]

Making a cake without using fire – The safest and ...

Children need to be familiarized with the taste of fruits and vegetables from a young age to establish healthy habits later in life. With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of fruits in a regular diet, the tiny tots of PP1 celebrated ‘Rainbow Fruit Day’ on 27th Jan 2020, […]

Rainbow Fruit Day – Celebrating colours of food!

To develop the skill of non – flame dishes, an activity ‘Cook without fire’ was organized in PPII on August 17, 2019. The aim of the activity was to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and explore new areas of interest. The students prepared healthy dishes like Cheesy Biscuit Canopy using easy […]

Fun ways for kids to decorate biscuits

Graduation Day is an occasion full of emotions. Children get excited about the next step in their educational journey while remembering all the amazing times they had throughout the year. Graduation is a significant milestone because it implies an ending and a beginning. At Presidency Kids, we were glad to make this occasion grand and […]

Graduation Day – Celebrating the memories and the future!

We are heading towards the end of the year and summer has hit us quite hard. The weather is hot and we all want to cool off. We provided the perfect opportunity to Presidency Kids – A Beach Party with a splash pool! The play area in the premises turned into an awesome beach paradise […]

When it’s hot outside, you splash into the pool!

Our Nursery children were in for a delightful experience on 16th March 2019 as we encouraged them to wear something funny to school. They rose to the occasion like never before and turned up in the cutest, funniest outfits. Some of them wore mismatched shoes while one student wore his shirt backwards! Children loved the […]

Be silly – it is the best part of being ...

When it comes to winding down the school year, there are lots of fun ways to celebrate a year of learning together. Teachers have been teaching for one year and spent quality time with the kids. There are many top tips on celebrating our last few days together in kindergarten! One of them is the […]

A year of learning together

Summer is every child’s favourite time! They can play with their toys for as long as they want and have lots of fun with their friends. They have holidays from school and so, they can spend all their time with their parents. Summer also means vacation time. They get prepared to meet their cousins and […]

Summer precautions for our little ones

We are all feeling the heat of the summer already, right? It is sunny during the day and we are left craving for something refreshing and cool. But, does that mean we gorge on unhealthy food? No! Fruits are the best! Summer brings with it a variety of juicy and delicious fruits and that is […]

Celebrating the most fantastic food – Fruits!