Summer precautions for our little ones

Summer is every child’s favourite time! They can play with their toys for as long as they want and have lots of fun with their friends. They have holidays from school and so, they can spend all their time with their parents. Summer also means vacation time. They get prepared to meet their cousins and explore new places.

While all this sounds good, little kids do not realize yet that the heat can be dangerous to their skin and health. That is why we must do our bit to ensure that summer is peaceful for them, as opposed to uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at the steps that we can take:

1. Always have them wear breathable clothes: Choose only cotton clothes that are breathable and light. Other types of clothes can get very restrictive and suffocating. Also, buy them comfortable hats and gloves for extra protection.


2. Discourage fried food: Chips, fries, and other oily foods can cause major health issues during summers. It is best to avoid them as much as possible.

3. Avoid planning any trips during the day: The heat is at its peak in the afternoons and you must avoid it by keeping children indoors during this time. Let them play outside only after 5 PM.


4. Keep making them drink water: Offer them water every now and then even if they are at home. Dehydration can cause weakness and lethargy in children.

5. Don’t leave them in the car: Some people tend to make their kids wait in the car as they go to the store to pick something. This is the riskiest thing that you will ever do. Cars get very hot and can endanger your child beyond imagination. Take your kids with you and keep them safe!


Your children are relying on you for a happy vacation. If they are happy, you will be happy.  We hope you have a fun-filled and ecstatic summer with your family. 🙂