Fun ways for kids to decorate biscuits

To develop the skill of non – flame dishes, an activity ‘Cook without fire’ was organized in PPII on August 17, 2019. The aim of the activity was to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and explore new areas of interest. The students prepared healthy dishes like Cheesy Biscuit Canopy using easy and quick recipes. They served them in an artistic and aesthetic way.

Presidency Kids believes in the all-around development of the students. ‌ Sound health is the product of healthy cooking! To make them aware of this fact and to experience the self – management and social skills, students of PP2 were taught to make healthy biscuit toppings and of course, they loved eating them too!

A simple and fun way to decorate biscuits was introduced to the kids using biscuits, tomatoes, cucumber and homemade sev. The kids loved to decorate biscuits. Kids used cheese and other ingredients and said: “let’s just decorate some biscuits”.

At the end of the activity Kids said that they all will go home and say parents that “We want to cook something!”. It’s a quick and easy activity that the kids can do under parents supervision. Don’t tell them how to do it, show them how to do it. Keeping this in mind.

It was a feast for the eyes and stomach as well. The objective was to encourage healthy eating habits among the students. Hope our students continue exploring the recipe at home and get their parents as well to taste!

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