Orange – The Happy Colour

Orange is fun, dynamic and radiates warmth. It stimulates imagination, creativity and encourages socialization. The Orange Colour Day was celebrated for Nursery at Presidency Kids on August 17, 2019 (Saturday). Playgroup children celebrated Orange Day on August 19, 2019 (Monday) and kids looked pretty in their orange costumes. 

The classroom was full of orange balloons and objects everywhere. Children were excited to do handprints on paper. All the children came in their pretty orange dresses and accessories. The teachers and children both in harmonious shades of orange enjoyed creating the hues and tints of this colour by blending red and yellow. The children were exposed to a series of creative activities to help them understand the positive impact of the colour orange.

Teachers helped children to paste pulses on Pumpkin Printouts. The activity helped in reinforcing the concept of orange colour and creating a cognitive link between visual clues and words among the tiny tots. 

Zohan of Mallika teacher’s class brought many objects like orange, crayons, blocks, a pouch to show to his friends. Few kids brought a bat, ball and bottles of orange colour. Gopal Ishitha and Devansh Reddy carried Helium balloon and Dhoti Kurtha which kids loved to look at. 

We hope this activity made our kids familiar with the colour ‘Orange’ and helpful in improving their vocabulary.

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