Lemonade Day Celebration

During much-awaited lemonade activity, the little ones not only refreshed themselves with cool lemonade but also said, ‘No No’ for soft drinks. Presidency kids conducted the activity of making fresh-squeezed lemonade for the PP2 kids on 27th July 2019 as a part of the self-help skills they learn.

We demonstrated the procedure of making lemonade and children also participated with lots of enthusiasm. What, for adults, is tedious work–squeezing lemons–is fun for kids. We showed them how to extract the juice from the lemons. Even though the children have seen lemons before, they’ve never been given a lemon just to explore at will. 

Children described what they see, smell, hear, taste and feel throughout the whole process. The kids were very excited and actively involved in the activity. Our intention was also to bring self-reliance among the students by getting them to make lemonade themselves. With the refreshing fragrance of lemon in campus whole day was energetic!

This event provided an opportunity to awaken the senses of curious minds to differentiate between the sweet, softy and sour tastes. It was a fun-filled activity for the little ones.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2GK0HJU