When it’s hot outside, you splash into the pool!

We are heading towards the end of the year and summer has hit us quite hard. The weather is hot and we all want to cool off. We provided the perfect opportunity to Presidency Kids – A Beach Party with a splash pool!

The play area in the premises turned into an awesome beach paradise for our little ones on 1st March 2019. They enjoyed themselves thoroughly and the teachers reminisced on their childhood as they saw their students splash around and celebrate. All the smiling faces headed to the pool in excitement and played to their hearts’ fill. Then they also collected seashells and made sand castles. What’s more, they chilled under the umbrellas as and when they got tired or wanted some relaxation. The teachers arranged a few snacks such as bananas and watermelons for them to munch on while playing. The children were having so much fun that even the support staff couldn’t help smiling and enjoying just by watching them.

After playing they headed changed their clothes and couldn’t stop talking about their amazing experience. They shared their feelings and laughed happily as they remembered their fun time. Of course, none of them really wanted to come out of the pool but they brought back numerous memories and smiles from the day.

Water play is not just fun, especially in the early years. It helps gross motor development and eye-to-hand coordination along with vocabulary development. This is why the Beach Party was not just a party. It was a learning experience as well.

We are glad to have conducted such a fun activity towards the end of the year and we hope to continue our tradition in the next academic year as well.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2HHcJFq