Aazadi, 2015. Independence Day Celebrations

Our Students are the children of Independent India, an achievement that required the sweat and blood of our freedom fighters. It is essential that our youth should know the price of freedom that we hold above all. We at Presidency Kids instill this spirit early on. Aazadi our annual Independence Festival is a festival of fun and joy where kids are taught national pride and respect for the Tiranga.

We decked up the school in tricolour baloons

IMG-20150814-WA0016  IMG-20150814-WA0017

Kids sitting in flag colours





How can we not have some fun and games with so many kids around, musical chairs, the wave and some jumping.

IMG-20150814-WA0022     IMG-20150814-WA0029

IMG-20150814-WA0030  IMG-20150814-WA0034


The excitement was viral and it just could not be contained.