Parent Workshop – Nutrition

Some parents tend to pack food to the brim and food that their children absolutely dislike with a good intention but hope that at school kids will be forced to eat and its good for them.

Forcing an entire class of kids is no easy task and its something we don’t want to do especially when the food is not appealing.

The parent workshop we had on Nutrition addressed the importance of developing a bond with the food we ate.

What to pack for lunch?

This is a question that every parent thinks every day before they go to bed. All of us eventually get tired of eating the same food every day, and your kids are no different. Dry dal rice, dry pickle rice, potato and rice or idly everyday can be boring. And for kids, boring means one thing: not eating.

We have designed a food menu that includes fruits, grains, vegetables, protein and dairy to ensure preschoolers get a balanced meal and more importantly a variety of healthy food.

Other than the variety of food, these are the small things that make eating a better experience for children. In our Nutrition workshop we talked what makes a kid happy during snack/lunch time.

  • Has a spoon
  • Has a napkin
  • Box is not full to the brim
  • Food is easy enough to chew and swallow(some kids get boxes with dry food L)
  • Doesn’t have to mix curry with rice
  • Doesn’t have to eat 4 chapatis!
  • Occasionally has a note from mom

Let’s make lunch time fun time for kids!

We put a few boxes of happy meals together to show a good lunch/snacks has –


We also put a few boxes of not-so-happy meals together that lead to those big tears during meal time