FunFair 2015

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Our Funfair coincided with¬†Children’s Day and we decided to make it double fun. The preschoolers were invited to Presidency High School where they had games set up as well as a mini obstacle course. All the teachers spent an entire week coming up with interesting games and decorations for the stalls. The kids loved the obstacle course and were setting records like pros.¬†For food we had Fryems and Rasna.

A special thanks to all the teachers, staff and student volunteers who helped make this happen.

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The Photo Booth was the top hit, we just couldn’t stop the kids from posing.


We had different photo booths with different themes.


Our Kids set the obstacles courses on fire.


And don’t they just love getting their faces painted. We had kid safe face colours to transform our children into cute animals and superheroes.


They were winning all the games so easily that we had to change the rules.


When the kids were having so much fun how could the teachers not join in.