Another school trip – Another fun day full of learning!

Schooling is not just about helping children learn how to spell and count. It is not just about teaching them what’s in the textbooks. It is about overall mental and physical development. This comes only when we use various channels of learning and the most important of them all is experience.

It is very crucial that children understand the world around them, the various arts, and our culture in order to grow into well-informed, responsible, and civilized adults. Keeping this in mind, Presidency Kids organizes school field trips regularly. This is a part of our central educational mission to help children appreciate arts and culture through experience.

Thus, on 28th December 2018, our Nursery children embarked on their journey to Sarangapur. The teachers and children, both had a lot of fun and learned a lot at the park. One of the teachers shared, “We had a wonderful time at Sarangapur Park. The field trip was enjoyable and the students learned things that they wouldn’t have been able to in a typical classroom setting. The hands-on experience enhanced our preschool curriculum.”

All the kids were super excited as they played on slides and swings. When it was time to come back to school, they did not want to move! They also started requesting that they go to a picnic again very soon. It was a great feeling to see that the children enjoyed just as much as we hoped they would. Even the parents echoed these feelings.

“Thank you so much for providing an amazing educational experience. Our kids attended all activities and enjoyed everything. Your staff goes above and beyond in making sure our children not only learn but also enjoy learning. We look forward to more such events.”

It was indeed a magical experience and we hope to continue our tradition of taking our kids to field trips every year.

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