Fruit Day – Celebrating the wonders of fruits

Today, children have a plethora of different food choices and it is very easy for them to get attracted to unhealthy food. Thus, as parents and teachers, we must focus on instilling good eating habits right from an early age. Learning the importance of the right foods can help children identify them and include them in their diet without feeling bad about it! This will also help them make healthy choices when they grow up.

However, just telling our kids to eat fruits will not help. We must think creatively to make them understand why fruits are important. This is why we organized Dress Up As A Fruit event at Presidency Kids recently. All our playgroup children were invited to participate in this Fancy Dress event. From strawberries to mangoes, we saw walking, talking, and laughing fruits in our premises the entire day!

Activities help children grasp concepts and retain them better. Children use all their senses to process information and that is why we must incorporate activities in learning. Children learn best when they are engaged and are having fun! At Presidency Kids, just like this activity shows, we use active play, and that helps make learning easy.

After children showcased which fruit they came as, they posed for pictures and played with their friends. We ended the event with surprise gifts (T-shirts) for all our children and were thrilled to see how happy they were.

We are going to keep conducting such fun events to make lessons interesting for our little ones. We thank all parents for their consistent support and encouragement in this regard.

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