Celebrating white – the purest of colors

White – so pure, calming, and brilliant! It is the colour of innocence, success, and purity. It is the colour that we all associate with and love. This is why teaching our kids to identify and relate to the colour is of paramount importance.

To make the learning fun and interesting, we at Presidency Kids, organized the White Color Day on 5th January 2019. The day revolved around everything white! Kids saw various white-coloured objects and learned to recognize them. Even the classrooms were decorated in-sync with the theme. Moreover, all children and teachers dressed in white, all of them looking like angels. The aura was immensely peaceful and calming throughout the day! All children participated in activities and spoke confidently, which was a moment of immense pride for the teachers.

The games and activities for the day included flower crafts and cotton pasting. They made flowers using white papers and ice-cream sticks. Snack time was also extra fun on this day because they brought various snacks to share with their classmates. As a part of the activities, children explained one white-coloured item each. From teeth to milk powder, everyone chose something interesting and had a lot of fun.

Infusing play and activity in learning make learning immensely fun and entertaining. Children also grasp lessons better and retain them for longer. That is why, we at Presidency Kids, do our best to incorporate activities in lessons. White Color Day was a successful example of this.

We thank all parents for their cooperation and for supporting us at every step.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2LXgSVN