A wholesome visit to the supermarket!

Fields trips are a part of the curriculum at Presidency High School. Did you ever wonder why? Some people are under the notion that field trips are like picnics where children only have fun and take a break from learning. It is actually the opposite. Field trips enhance learning at very high levels because children experience what they learned in the classroom.

In the classroom, it is mostly about theory but field trips help children experience that theory and retain knowledge better. Therefore, they are not just picnics. They are a different form of learning.

Recently, our PP2 students visited the Reliance Market to learn about enquiry and to get the first-hand experience of shopping at the supermarket. They explored a wide variety of foods and groceries. They also spent time in the Vegetables & Fruits section where the teachers taught them about each of the available options. They even took examples of unhealthy options such as cake. What’s more, they observed everything in the supermarket including the process of billing! Their curiosity and observation skills were a sight to behold!

Children learned their importance and managed to retain the information much better than they otherwise would. This goes to show that, indeed, experience amplifies learning.

Moreover, they were extremely enthusiastic and were having fun. It was not a typical classroom learning experience and that perhaps made them more interactive. They had fun and they learned a lot of new things! Experience-based learning is one of the best methodologies today and we are glad to have adapted it.

We are positive that this field trip was impactful and delivered the results we were looking for. We plan on arranging more such trips for the benefit of all our students.

Thank you, dear parents, for your continued support and encouragement.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2FW9l8A