Rainbow Fruit Day – A day filled with fun and learning!

25 January 2019 was one of the most fun days at school for our little ones. It was time for them to learn about the importance of various fruits & vegetables and knowing how to identify them.

Fruits and vegetables are very healthy. Children need to start consuming them right from an early age so that they have healthy eating habits later in life as well. Children generally prefer fruits because they are sweet but do they eat all fruits? Do they recognize their importance? Maybe not.

That is why we at Presidency High School celebrated the Rainbow Fruit Day with our PP1 kids. Teachers made up incredibly interesting and simple stories that encouraged kids to include fruits in their meals. They also explained the benefits such as mental growth, physical growth, and so on. Teachers took multiple fruits as examples as well, to teach kids their taste, colour, texture, and smell.

After this, children went on to learn why they should wash the fruits before consumptions and why they should always eat fruits. To make the learning process even more interesting, they sang songs and rhymes about fruits.

After all this, they got together for activities such as cutting fruits into beautiful kebabs and placing them on skewers carefully. Each skewer had colourful fruits that made it look like a rainbow! Every single child had a lot of fun and was thoroughly entertained.

We are glad to have turned a lesson about fruits into something so interesting. We shall continue doing the same with other topics of learning as well.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2UucK2I