Making a cake without using fire – The safest way and fun-filled way!

Food is essential for life and we can only consume good food when we are able to cook. What’s more, cooking is quite fun as well! It is a hobby for many and a profession for many more. When someone cooks with happiness, they say that the food turns out to be even tastier!

At Presidency Kids, we wanted to introduce cooking to our playgroup students and that’s why we started with something that they love the most – CAKE! The twist here was that they used absolutely no fire or stove or any hazardous equipment. This cake needed just bread slices and gems, which the teachers helped with. Children started filling their bread slices with many colorful gems and learned many new words in the process such as sprinkle, full, and empty.

Every child was extremely enthusiastic to make his/her cake. During the process, the teacher talked about eating healthy food and following good habits such as washing hands before touching food and so on.

After every child made a cake, it was time to start eating! The toddlers let out squeals of delight as they enjoyed the cake they made.

What a fun and interesting day it was for teachers and students alike! The children are unlikely to forget this experience soon. Such activities are always going to be a part of the curriculum at Presidency Kids.

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