Celebrating RED, the colour of courage and determination

Imagine a world without the colour red. Apples would probably be blue, roses would be green, and our blood would be black, may be?

Red colour, the colour of determination, courage, love, action, and strength is one of the three primary colours. You can mix it with green and blue to form numerous other colours! Now, isn’t it important to learn about such an important colour in our spectrum? Of course, it is. This is why we celebrated Red Day on 14th December 2018 for our tiny tots.

We encouraged children to dress up in the colour red and decorated classrooms accordingly. From red dresses to cherries and red coloured teddy bears, we literally painted the school red for the occasion. The little ones engaged in various fun activities and were thrilled to participate with their friends.

Through activities and discussions, the teachers taught children about the significance of red and its identification. Circle time and all subjects were also linked to the theme.

The fun continued to the next day as well as the Pre Primary Team conducted more activities such as Show and Tell and necklace-making. We saw so many shades of red all day that even teachers were overwhelmed with joy. Everyone enjoyed to the fullest as they made necklaces and wore them happily. Everything was lively and cheerful. The brightness spread to everyone around!

We are extremely glad to have conducted this event. Children enjoyed and learned at the same time, which was the goal right from the start. We shall keep integrating such events in lessons so that learning is always upbeat. We thank all parents for supporting and encouraging the school at all times.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2R7nLsA