PP1 Field trip – Giving children real-world experiences

We all know how important real-life experience is. It is through experience that we learn better and understand better. That is why, even in the classroom, we use various aids to encourage visual learning.

In order to imbibe experience-based learning right from day 1, we at Presidency High School, take children on field-trips on a regular basis. Through field trips, children connect their classroom learning to the real world and understand their lessons better. Contextual learning is key especially during the early development stages of children because the world is their oyster and everything they see is new to them!

On December 14, 2018, we took our PP1 children to Sarangapur. We are glad to report that it was an educational trip not just for children but also for teachers. It helped them teach the children numerous things such as business, science, animals, and more! Plus, kids were ecstatic throughout as they discovered new things and had fun with their friends.

Jaya, one of our teachers, said, “The kids sang songs in the bus and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.” The other teachers were ready with their cameras to capture all the precious moments. The enthusiasm continued all the way to every child’s house and our teachers received happy messages from parents as well!

Outdoor learning, in our experience, is one of the best forms of learning, because it taps into every child’s nature of being curious. Social interaction, bonding, and enhancing life skills are some of the happy side-bonuses that children enjoy through such trips. All in all, it was indeed an extremely fun day during which every child socialized, played, sang, and had lunch together.

We aim to conduct many more such trips for our little ones to make learning truly wholesome!

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2ScNCMW