Lemonade Party at Presidency!

The pre-primary students at Presidency are always bustling with energy and need a medium to channel this energy. That is why we make sure that they are busy engaging in activities and fun events through the academic year. We plan activities in advance keeping overall development in mind so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to growth and happiness of our toddlers.

One of these activities was the Lemonade Party that we organized on 21 July 2018 for our pre-primary students. It was something new and extremely interesting for them, and the enthusiasm was shining on their beautiful little faces. We introduced the sweet & sour taste of lemonade to our students and also showed them how to make this amazing drink immediately!

After the demonstration, we encouraged the students to prepare the lemonade themselves. We divided them into groups and provided each group with the required ingredients. What fun it was to see each child add sugar, salt, lemon juice, and stir the drink to perfection! We were delighted to see that every single child engaged in the activity with happiness and dedication. Even the experience of stirring the lemonade was giving them a lot of joy! Many students were excited to run back home and make lemonade for their parents!

Kids are usually attracted towards sodas and many unhealthy beverages that can take a toll on their fitness and lifestyle. Through this fun activity, we wanted to shed light on the importance of lemonade and how healthy it is. It is also delicious, making it a great choice for all children, especially during the summer season.

We hope all parents encourage their children to shift towards lemonade as the best beverage and discourage the consumption of unhealthy drinks.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2HDOR5u