Family fun time for our pre-schoolers!

Cognitive skill development starts at a very early age in kids, and it is vital that we start aiding it from the start. At Presidency High School, we host a series of events and activities throughout the year to make learning and skill development fun for our children.

However, what most of us forget is that emotional development and bonding also develop right from pre-school and unless we nurture it every day, it will be hard to establish a strong relationship with our kids once they grow up. These days, with a busy schedule, most of us tend to forget to spend quality time with our children. In order to ensure that our busy schedules don’t come in the way of our bonding moments, the school conducts Family Fun Time activities. We recently conducted it for our pre-school students, and we are proud of how successful it was!

On Sunday, our pre-school kids helped their parents by passing vegetables from the fridge to them. Our nursery children engaged in separating fruits and vegetables, while our PP1 students separated coriander and curry leaves. Furthermore, PP2 students helped their parents by washing the vegetables.

Parents were wonderfully surprised as their toddlers volunteered to help them. One of our PP2 students said, “I helped my mom in washing vegetables. She felt very happy.” We heard similar feedback from all our students, and it was refreshing to see all of them so enthusiastic and thrilled as they shared during Circle Time.

We hope they continue to do the same and parents encourage them to lend a helping hand. Starting early makes them feel included and important. That’s very important for confidence and self-esteem.