Celebrating Orange – The color of happiness and creativity!

Every color signifies something, and the color orange is easily one of the happiest colors out there. It is fun, enthusiastic, creative, and encouragement. According to color psychology, it also signifies balance, success, freedom, fascination, and expression. Why shouldn’t we celebrate such an amazing color then?

On August 8, 2018, we introduced secondary colors to our little ones in Nursery at Presidency with the color orange. Even through the planning, we were all excited because the color itself exudes such an enthusiastic vibe! All the little ones learned how red, the highly stimulating color, comes together with yellow, the cheerful color, to give orange, a warm color. They also learned that the first band of our national flag is orange and in this context, it symbolizes sacrifice and courage.

To mark the occasion and to ensure that all children are actively participating, we encouraged them to dress in orange. They rose to the opportunity and turned up in beautiful shades of orange. To complement them, we decorated the classrooms with orange as well! Furthermore, throughout the day, children played fun games devised around the color. Name An Orange Object and Touch Orange Objects were a few of the many games they played.

They also engaged in activities such as pasting pulses on pumpkin printouts and talking about the orange colored objects they brought to the event. Sai Ronith, one of our toddlers, brought a spanner and was ready to repair a car with it! It was amazing to see that through the entire day, all the kids were cheerful. And, why not! The energy of kids combined with orange colored surroundings was bound to give cheerful results.

In a fun manner, we managed to teach our children about the color and how it is formed through examples. Lessons that are experienced are learned the best and that is why we plan on continuing such fun activities.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2HtdSkn