Parents + Kids + Playtime = Infinite fun!

There’s no bigger joy than to see parents and children come together and enjoy themselves! And, the memories created in the process are simply priceless! To build many such memories, we celebrated Family Fun Evening 2018 in our school premises on 27th October. The response was amazing and we are glad we came up with this event.

In the daily hustle-bustle of life and between school and work, we feel that families are unable to spend quality time with each other. Somewhere, unknowingly, we are losing out on the pleasures of being a family. Family Fun Evening at Pre-kids was able to remedy that to a certain extent. We arranged an indoor and all-weather play place furnished with facilities for a plethora of activities such as Baby Rattle, Blindfold Feeding, Ball Toss, Balance the Balloon, Get The Child Ready, Paper Plates & Glass Pyramid, Rolling Chapatis, Feeding the Parent, and Photo Booth.

Each and every single activity was delightful to watch and we can only imagine how much fun our parents and children had! Laughter penetrated the atmosphere along with squeals of our little children who were unable to contain their excitement. The Rolling Chapatis activity garnered the most number of screams because it was the fathers who were rolling the chapatis and mothers just couldn’t stop laughing!

Many parents voiced their happiness to us and that boosted our confidence even more. “I LOVE Presidency Kids! The atmosphere is charming and the staff members are friendly & attentive,” said Ileana’s mother.

“Although my favorite game was Blindfold Feeding, my daughter Vrinda said Rolling Chapatis was amazing.” “My husband very much enjoyed his evening by getting my daughter Shiva Pragnyaready as well as balancing the balloon.” These were some other comments that we heard from the parents.

When parents themselves come to us and say they will never miss a Family Fun Evening event, it just shows how successful we were in ensuring that everyone had fun to the fullest. Sushanth from PP1 played with his grandmother and she ended up being a tough competitor! It was such a sweet surprise to see so much zeal!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for supporting the Presidency Kids teachers and the management. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you!

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