Preschool fun: Yellow Color Day!

Yellow is probably the happiest colour out there. It is vibrant, friendly, and fun, and instantly lights up any room!

Some of the best things in the world are yellow. Like the sun! We wake up to the sun’s rays every day, which are beautiful and energizing. Also, the sunflower! Isn’t that just one of the prettiest flowers out there? Besides that, whenever someone wears a yellow-coloured dress or shirt, (s)/he stands out of the crowd instantly.

To enable our kids to revel in the lovely colour, we decided to celebrate Yellow Color Day for our tiny tots. On 8th November, they all gathered to be in the limelight with yellow! This activity also enabled them to understand and identify the colour, which is a significant aspect of growing up.

The classrooms saw a great makeover on this day, all of them brightly bathed in yellow. In fact, it felt like they were sun-kissed. Kids squealed with excitement as they entered their newly decorated classrooms. What’s more, even they were dressed in yellow for the occasion!

After the initial excitement of balloons, decorations, toys, and dresses of the same colour code, all our kids settled down for a superb day of fun. Our teachers sang songs related to yellow and our kids showed off their yellow-coloured toy collection, which they brought to school.

Halfway through the day, kids were squealing cheerfully even at the sight of similar coloured objects! “Kids were excited to touch yellow objects,” said one of our Nursery teachers. “My mom wears yellow earrings,” Naman, a nursery student said happily.

This was one of the most fun activities for our kids wherein they learnt about yellow with so much ease! We plan on conducting many such learning activities because it was an absolute delight to watch them.