Preschool Fun: Paint your friend’s T-shirt

Little kids are always full of energy, and it is very important to help them channel it in the right ways. They want to have fun while learning. Otherwise, the school gets boring and they start getting cranky! That’s why, we at Presidency kids, always come up with fun activities to keep them occupied.

In this article, we are going to talk about Paint Your Friend’s T-shirt activity that we conducted at our school on 10 November 2017. To incorporate the idea of having fun with friends and creating beautiful memories, we invited all our tiny tots to pain their friend’s T-shirt using their palms. We also taught them about different colors through this activity because we understand that the best lessons are learned through experiences that bring happiness.

“Kids were very excited to put their palm prints on their friend’s shirt,” one of our playgroup teachers said. Of course, all kids love getting their hands dirty and when they are given permission to do so, they are overwhelmed with utmost joy!

Needless to say, there was a lot of squealing and laughing throughout the activity. By the end of the event, we saw every kid sporting a T-shirt with a colorful palm print from his/her friend. “I want to put my palm print on teacher’s dress,” Lavya from our playgroup said because she was so excited!

Kids were allowed to take their shirts home and keep them as memories. This will definitely be a lovely souvenir from childhood, which they will cherish even after they grow up into adults who don’t play with paint anymore!