Red color day

Red is a bold color that’s associated with love, passion, and danger. It is the color of blood and the strongest primary color in the color wheel. Our little kids spent a fun session learning about this very noticeable and fierce color during their Red Color Day event.

On 6th December 2017, our kids came together to celebrate the color of warning, aggression, love, and celebration. It was very important for us to teach them about this color from an early stage because it will help them understand dangers and warning signs such as the STOP sign at traffic signals. Similarly, kids understood that a few fruits and vegetables are red through activity and pictorial representation.

On the occasion of this event, our tiny tots and teachers dressed in red and their room was decorated in red. They also joyously sang the red color song. They also identified various objects such as tomatoes and had fun identifying the color.

Color identification helps children see the world more brightly and understand the various things they see around them. It is a crucial part of growing up, which is why we try to make it as fun as possible. We regularly conduct such events for our kids, hence. After all, activity and play are the most effective ways of ensuring that our kids remember their lessons!

We hope to keep conducting such events throughout the academic year.