Let’s play dress up: Be a community helper

In our busy lives, we usually forget that there are people serving the society on a regular basis. It is crucial that our kids understand how a community helper helps us make our day-to-day life easier. In order to bring awareness, we conducted a beautiful event on 16 December 2017 – Dress Up as a Community Helper.

Doctors, lawyers, vegetable sellers, farmers, et cetera are a few community helpers that remove obstacles from our lives in different ways. Our kids dressed up as them and our teachers taught them why they are so important to us. We saw our kids look beautiful in various costumes. A few were teachers and doctors, and a few others were astronauts, scientists, air hostesses, and so on.

A teacher from PPII shared, “Our kids looked delighted in their different costumes as community helpers.” During the entire fun and informational event, kids exclaimed about their thoughts and ambitions. Hitansh from PPII excitedly said, “I would like to become a scientist. That is why I dressed up as APJ Abdul Kalam.”

It was a pleasing sight as kids became aware of the various people who ensure the well-being of the society. We are glad it was a success, and we hope to keep conducting such educational events for our children in the future.