Splash Pool – The best activity in summer

The coolest thing in the hot weather is the swimming pool. Who doesn’t love splashing into the water and enjoying themselves with their friends?

We decided to give our tiny tots a special treat by organizing a splash pool event in our campus. Of course, this was under the strict supervision of our teachers so that children enjoy themselves fully without risks or hazards. Kids were also asked to bring an extra pair of clothes to change after the fun time in the pool.

It was a delight to see them jump into the pool with squeals and excitement. They could barely contain the happiness! We also had floating toys for them to play games in the pool. “Kids were thrilled to play in the pool and had lot of fun,” a teacher from PPI rejoiced.

The amusement continued for quite a while as they played in the pool. Thanvi from PPI also said, “I want to splash water on teacher!” The laughter, the happiness, and the delight were so evident and fun, it was a great sight!

Even after a long time of having fun in the pool, the kids refused to step out. They kept asking for more time to spend in the water!

We are glad this activity brought so much joy to our little tots!