Graduation Day – Our tiny tots move to primary school

We celebrated Graduation Day or Gala Evening for our tiny tots on their last working day and it was truly a delight watching them leave their pre-primary school days behind. Next academic year, they will be in primary school and it will be a completely different world for them. Kids from Play Group, Nursery, PPI, and PPII were a part of this closing ceremony. We also invited their parents and teachers to the event, which we conducted on 7th April 2018 in our school premises.

Through the event, our little one entertained us with the cutest dances and performances ever. It was amazing to see them tap their tiny feet to the music and totally enjoy themselves. The twinkle in their eye told us much more about their happiness than words could ever express.

“When our class turn comes, I will perform on the stage,” Vishisht from PPII said, eagerly waiting for his chance to get onto the stage.

“I was feeling nervous about how the kids are going to perform on the stage, but finally they did well,” one of our PPI teachers said, amazed by the performances.

Later, Principal Madam took the stage and felicitated them with their Graduation Hats. She also congratulated each of them on the successful completion of their pre-primary years. Their parents and teachers alike were emotional and happy about the landmark.

We wish our little ones all the best and hope they do very well as they step into the primary world of education.

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