Teaching kids the importance of sharing

Kindness is the simplest, most endearing act, which brings us to close to each other.. and to God.

Sharing is one of the most vital life lessons. We must make our children understand its importance as early as possible so that they grow up to be kind and compassionate with everyone around them. Sharing is in the smallest of acts such as while playing and while making friends. Sharing is a way of living. That is why we at Presidency Kids decided to conduct a Share and Care activity for our PP1 children on 23rd February 2019.

To commemorate the event, we encouraged our children to bring gifts for their classmates. Most children bought multiple gifts and we saw pure joy on their faces as they exchanged them. This is the kind of happiness that sharing bestows upon all of us. It is irreplaceable because sharing is one of the few acts that the giver and recipient, both enjoy.

While it is never too early to start teaching our kids about sharing, kids below the age of four may not be able to grasp the concept. This is why it is essential to start off with examples. Toddlers mimic our actions and when they see us share, they will want to share too. A few kids may not like sharing their toys, for example, and can even get aggressive. But, when you teach them about playing together through examples, they will be more willing and happy about sharing their toys.

It is only through sharing that we grow, make friends, develop empathy, and build social skills. Thus, we must start the lessons early. We are glad we conducted this event and impacted our little ones. We hope that all the parents also follow the same and help the kids learn about sharing.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2IS2ctc