Fun with science – Making learning entertaining!

Kids love activities! They simply cannot contain their joy when it is activity time because it gives them immense pleasure to be involved. Our Fun With Science activity on February 16, 2019, for our pre-schoolers, proved this right.

The teachers at Presidency Kids planned a few simple but exciting activities to give children the taste of science and the amount of fun they can have while learning.

The first experiment was none other than the intriguing “Raising Volcano.” The teachers and kids together combined baking soda and added food cooler in a plastic cup. The kids were allowed to stir the mixture well before adding the last ingredient. Now was the moment of truth! They poured vinegar until it started foaming and soon, they saw lava pouring all over.

Once they took in the thrill of what they saw, they moved to the next experiment – BUBBLE SNAKE! They took an empty water bottle from the school recycling bin, a rubber band, a sock, and dish soap. The teachers carefully cut the bottom of the water bottle and slid the sock over the cut part. They encouraged the kids to use the rubber band to keep the sock in place. After that, they poured some dish soap out in a shallow container and mixed it with a little water. Then, they dipped the sock into this liquid and started blowing! Ziyaan, Arjun, Sai Smaran, Amarthya, and Nanditha managed to blow the biggest snakes! Since children love bubbles so much, they enjoyed this experiment even more!

The teachers also took the opportunity to teach the kids about dish detergent and how it lowers the surface tension of water, allowing us to blow bubbles. They also explained that baking soda and other such additives make bubbles elastic and difficult to pop.

What an engaging and wholesome activity this was! Everyone enjoyed and learned so many things in the process. Even the parents were pleased to see that we were incorporating activity-based learning in pre-primary years itself. We hope to continue this spirit with support from the parents.

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