Yellow Color Day – Celebrating the color of hope and happiness

Yellow – bright and beautiful, the color signifies many things including sunshine, glory, optimism, and enlightenment. It also stands for joy, positivity, intellect, and freshness.

On 17th November, Presidency Kids celebrated Yellow Color Day to honor this lovely color and to find a fun way to teach children about it. The hidden purpose was to develop fine motor skills through multiple activities throughout the day.

Right from the start of the day, children and teachers were super happy as they spoke about yellow and various yellow-colored objects. The classroom also got a yellow makeover with balloons, cutouts, and other similar decorations. As is the tradition, children were to dress in the color yellow and they lived up to the condition grandly. We saw happy faces traipsing in wearing different shades of yellow.

As the day proceeded, children showcased the yellow colored objects they brought from home. From flowers to masks to balloons, teddy bears, cars, and flying discs, the classroom was further illuminated with so many hues of the color!

Joy multiplied manifold when teachers took to food to introduce yellow and teach them about its identification. Now, who doesn’t love food? Bananas, mangoes, dhokla, jalebi, and boondi were among the delicious foods that adorned the table and made children swoon in delight.

After the initial excitement, everyone moved on to participate in activities such as collage and artwork. All the kids dipped cotton balls in yellow color paint to make chickens! Squeals and cackles of happiness could be heard all day!

It indeed seemed like the color of joy and freshness made the day even more fun. The positive vibes were simply unmissable.

At Presidency Kids, we plan to keep conducting activities like these to help children learn in the most engaging manner possible.

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